Welcome to Jagtap Patil Promoters & Builders

We are not just a builder but a creator who has mastered the fine art of crafting life.

It all begins with an idea which turns into a vision and with meticulous planning shapes up into a reality.

We know that buying a home is a long cherished dream and a life transforming decision of one entire family. We value this dream and empower it by way of our creations.

Our aim is to offer a space that delights the body and touches the soul.

For us quality is a confluence of construction standard, best in class specifications, convenience, comfort, style and elegance.

We insist on exclusivity and fine detailing.

Our quality which can be seen, felt and experienced.

With every project we 'step up' in quality, embience and offering. We pride ourselves on our world class quality and invite you to witness it for yourself.


Here is a unique creation which envelopes you in its warmth, caresses you with a velvet touch and rejuvenates you from within. Engracia is a home that cherishes you and strives to make you more beautiful and more energized than ever. Step into this extravagant expanse and start a whole a new enriching, refreshing and graceful life.